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Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Safe provides under vehicle surveillance system that displays high definition image. The camera has 6x higher resolution than a typical monochrome camera and the systems operates in all weathers.

These are advanced solutions that scan vehicle's bottom chassis for hidden explosives & modifications. They utilize superior imaging & processing algorithms that will help in detecting modified components in the bottom chassis of the car. It also incorporates an x-ray system that can scan the boot space of the vehicle for hidden weapons, explosives or narcotics.

The solution can take tons of weight and are designed to withstand harsh environments, rugged terrain, and extreme temperatures. Likewise, cameras and lighting are encased in sturdy, weather-proof housings.

UVSS system comprises of digital line scan camera for under carriage scan of vehicles, megapixel camera for under vehicle high resolution images and video, megapixel camera for driver images and high resolution camera for effective number plate recognition with redundant server configuration as an option.

UVSS also incorporates optional cameras for driver image capturing and number plate recognition system, all data is recorded in standard database. The entire process of image generation and storage of all data including images and video from various optional cameras takes seconds.

The UVSS data base can be integrated with any third party data base and can provide information and alarms on receiving any suspect vehicle (stolen vehicle, number plate with different under carriage, crime vehicle etc.)

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