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PA Address System

Whether for auditoriums, plant speaker systems or open-air concerts – we can undertake the acoustic design for any location or event and plan suitable public address (PA) systems. Our technicians undertake level adjustment, determine acoustic clarity and monitor noise pollution during the event. 

Public address systems utilise microphones, amplifiers and speakers to provide audio announcements to personnel or the general public. They can also be used to broadcast radio and music via MP3 and IPod connectivity.

This application is suitable for most premises. Linked to your CCTV System it can also be used by a central monitoring station to issue warnings to any intruders detected.

PA systems are used for a more 'friendly' approach. This is particularly useful for customer oriented businesses such as retail. PA can be used to distribute music around a shop primarily and if in case of a fire can be used to give instruction manually on procedures of evacuation.