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Facility Management System

Safe delivers facilities management services to keep your buildings on or offices secure, so you can go about their job and your business can thrive.

The Safe Facility Management System plays an important role in daily operations and management processes. Delivering FM is more complex than delivering single services, and hence requires more rigid management processes and support systems.

For Safe to fulfill our vision of leading the industry and having a competitive advantage, we have a support system in place that facilitates national and international best practices.

We have adopted a consistent approach throughout our business and across countries, not only in service delivery but also in the support system. This has now been adapted as a group wide standard. The Safe Facility Management System supports our operations and is essential in ensuring consistency and quality in service delivery.

To continuously improve our FM offering, we focus on our ability to implement and operate a Facility Management System as something that sets us apart in daily service delivery and performance measurement.