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Baggage Scanner

We supply of a wide range of Baggage Scanners that are designed using latest technology, which helps in reducing the chances of mishaps.

X ray based baggage screening solutions helps in detecting explosives, weapons, narcotics & other contraband items that are concealed in objects, without opening them.

Threat levels enhancement on account of undesirable articles packed in baggage that may enter restricted areas and sanitized premises pose a major challenge for security agencies. Safe Security offers X-ray based 100% hold baggage screening systems, which are designed to prevent the cleverest attempts at concealing weapons, drugs, stolen goods and other contraband.

These X-ray inspection systems are ideal for screening everything from small packages to oddly shaped items and palletized loads.

Baggage inspection systems range in size, throughput capacity, and optional accessories. Safe Security offers a complete line of baggage screening solutions in several system categories while still providing the highest level of imaging and detection available to the market. These baggage screening solutions are designed to handle high volume of palletized freight in fast & accurate manner.

X-ray baggage screening solutions are available in various sizes for scanning all types of objects, baggage, mails and parcels. Another way of differentiating between various kinds of baggage scanners is the level of automation or the level of manual intervention / analysis required.